Giulia Rossetti is a creative and jewellery designer based in Milan.

A 3rd generation Rossetti, Giulia grew up surrounded by beauty, an obsession for details and the craftsmanship soul of the Fratelli Rossetti’s heritage.

Giulia’s passion for the art of handmade pushed her to learn the techniques behind jewellery studying Jewellery design at IED Milan and then Arts in design and applied arts at Creative Academy Milan. She then translated her learnings into experience working for brand such as Gripoix in Paris, Giampiero Bodino and Marni in Milan.
In 2018 she decided to bring her learnings to Fratelli Rossetti where she continues to lead the accessory department, mixing her dreamy creative universe with the institutional world of the brand.

In 2020 the world stops. And Giulia started GIURO. With the ambition to create a dimension of colors and feelings bringing beauty into a grey new reality.

GIURO, means “promise” in Italian, bringing together the duality of Giulia (GIU) as a creative free spirit and Rossetti (RO) the institution of Italian handmade.

Giulia’s designs and jewellery are handmade in Milan and part of her fantastic world.